Walk em down Lil Purk lyrics and translation of the song. (2023)

Get texts fromWalk em down Lil Purk SongYou love. The list containsWalk em down Lil Purk Lyricsof older songs and new releases. Know every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight :-).

Lyrics of NLE Choppa - Walk Em Down
Get down [Roddy Ricch:] Nigga, they posted me on the corner where the jays roll in the suv, stop in front of the corner store, and I blushed in my drink when I poured soda, I remember that I've been praying that the feds never take the Motorola choppa, get the choppa, let them backflip. Pay my dog ​​a dime to come with me, he needs that backstage bitch.

Lil Xan - "Read" Yeah ugh Yeah yeah Now you hear a beat by Bobby Johnson Yeah yeah Yeah ow Pray to God like Allah Please cut my throat And if you lie I want to die Please cut my throat Ya got me seen? ... Guardian - "I love you" 1, 2 1, 2, 3, 4 Hey, it's me again and I...

Lil Gotit - Walk Down Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
"Walk Down" lyrics by Lil Gotit (feat. CEO Trayle, Lil Double 0 & Biggz) Walk Down, it's Lil Double 0 and the Walk Down Gang got C4, [?] in that motherfucker, the backdoor kicker. Yes, we have Lil Gotit in here too. We have Lil Biggz in this G5 too

„Walk Down“ Songtext Luh Soldier & Big Yavo „Walk Down“ Songtext (feat. TLE Cinco & Donway1k) I ain't got wifi Pillow talk to these hoes nigga wallah Yeah make 'em go nigga wallah

Lyrics of NLE Choppa - Walk Em Down
(CashMoneyAP) Ooh, ooh, no, no NLE the Top Shotta Uh, posted (Posted), facing the trap (facing the trap) Selling dope 'til the sun goes down (Get down) Take a nigga straight to the map side (Off the map) If I hit it with that hundred rounds total (Hundred rounds) Yung Joc, in the club with my Glock (With my Glock) You wanna play, and then that bitch go under (It go under)) We.. .

[Lil Durk:] I don't discriminate, I want a rich shawty showing her pussy all over TikTok Pussy dripping, blueface, you gotta change your mop Why you tripping? Just give me your full attention, I'll be in her stomach, make her talk. I don't want this silent sex, I want this bitch to talk

Lyrics of SlumpBoyz - Walk 'Em Down
Pick Them Up And Take Them Out Jump And Take Them Down It Gets Dirty On The South Side Of Town S... Walk 'Em Down Lyrics von SlumpBoyz. Pick 'Em Up and Out Jump 'Em Along It Gets Dirty on the South Side of S-Town ... Geben Sie den Songtitel, Künstler oder Liedtext ein. Musixmatch PRO Top Songtexte Community Beitrag.

I go down, I face them. I know he black isn't sending anything, he says he's a shooter. I'll take a Ruger. I spread the clip out like a ruler boy. Like him Budda I'm not funny picking and hitting this boy my choppa leaves him clueless 21 young but I'm ruthless I swear to god I...

G Herbo - Drill Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
Wait 'til he go and shoot Lil 'bro gon' him, he fast Remember what happened to the last one Jump and smash 'em Lil' Brodie blast 'em (Brodie blast 'em) Oppas, see me in the plasma (Swerve) I know you are crazy, we used to bother you

Chase Em Down by Lil Zay Osama
(feat. G Herbo) [Lil Zay Osama:] Gang Gang (Gang, Gang), Gang Oh my god, what's that? A smack of L Chase him, glah (Come here) Him on the floor, get up (Get up) Give me his mask, slap (They slap) His ass can't get up, mhm (Frrah, frrah) When he lands, take 'em up, tell 'em, "Go dig it up," mhm (Tell 'em, "Go dig it up")

Lil Loaded - 6locc 6a6y (Remix) Songtext
Walk up to 'em and put 'em down (I did) Airlift 'em, ASR rifle (Ayy) Hit 'em and air 'em Still on the block with the gang in that bitch Got my flag left and I'm letting 'em hang (I let it hang) Draco hops left and right I like the glittery one better 'cause I aimed Kill it, bullets mark it

NLE Choppa feat. Roddy Ricch - Walk Em Down (feat. Roddy Ricch) lyrics and translation of the song.
Walk Em Down (feat. Roddy Ricch) by NLE Choppa feat. Roddy Rich. CashMoneyAP Ooh, ooh, no, no NLE the Top Shotta Uh, published (Posted), front a la trampa...

NLE Choppa feat. Roddy Ricch - Walk Em Down (feat. Roddy Ricch) lyrics and translation of the song.
NLE Choppa feat. Roddy Ricch has been translated into 7 languages ​​CashMoneyAP Ooh, ooh, no, no NLE the Top Shotta

NLE Choppa - Chief Lyrics and translation of the song.
Lyrics to "Capo" NLE Choppa Lyrics to "Capo" Yes, huh Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes Huh? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes Hahaha, I won't play Jack, can you hear me? Yes, yes, hrrroww Bow, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I'm sick of him breathing, I'm taking his breath away (Huh?)

G Herbo - So Chicago Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
Never heard of a raggedy dump, rock 'em, smack 'em Take that, take that, dance like he slumps Diddy Want a smoke, give me some, free, it's for everyone Humble, but I'm cocky, scared in front of me like fofty bulletproof the whip 'cause my son in the car seat, uh, nigga chi-raq with him, stay on him, like max with him, and I'm still cool with him

Walk Em Down lyrics and translation of the song. NLE Choppa feat. quite rich
Put 'em down, put 'em down Put 'em in the corridors of Balenciaga My blood drooling black like an anaconda You go against me then you fuck like a used condom I roll 'em up and smoke 'em like, keep walking 'em in the corridors of Balenciaga My blood is drooling black like an anaconda

Lyrics of NLE Choppa - Narrow Road
Put your feelings in the toilet, watch it roll down the drain -three, bitch (Grrt, Grrt) Flying abroad, a young black boy got seasick. I was just thrown out on the street like cement, yeah yeah yeah

Lil Durk - Money Walk lyrics
(feat. Yo Gotti) [Lil Durk:] Yeah come to me nigga gang, L Pour the drink. I only drink well while they roll. Stinky diamond chain, bitches so thirsty for these cuban links Real nigga, no I gotta prove it, damn what you think. Real killers your ass will be dead before you blink gang

Lyrics by Lil Durk
Where I'm from is unpredictable, and he was hit fast. You look stiff where I'm from, so zip it up. Where I'm from, you smoke it, that tooka, man, you choke him. These hoes ain't gang shit, I fuck 'em, make her turn it off She heeled off and talked about being close to him. Hoes ain't shit, her baby daddy, she...

"Falling Down" is Lil Peep's third new song since his death in November 2017 and XXXTENTACION's first song to be released since his death in June 2018. (2018) Broken smile (my be-all and end-all) Runaway sex with my ex Crying alone Leaning on 16 lines Life is beautiful Hates me IDGAF White girl

Ayy, get 'em straight to the floor, we make sure they don't raise that .40 that's like, "Is my glizzy up?" plugged in?" I just like it sloppy, she beatboxes when she sucks me (Come on come on)

NLE Choppa - Beat Box "First Day Out" Songtext
Me and my niggas, we ready for anything We step on everybody in Retro J's (Retro J's) Bullet, it sticks like a thorn, call it Bella. Turn him into Cinderella if he betrays you, bitch. Make sure he doesn't get up

NLE Choppa hazaña. Roddy Ricch - Walk Em Down (feat. Roddy Ricch ...
NLE Choppa feat. Roddy Rich. CashMoneyAP Ooh, ooh, no, no NLE the Top Shotta Uh, posted (Posted), before the trap...

Lil Wayne - Walk In lyrics and translation of the song.
Lil Wayne lyrics. "Come in". Yes Yes Yes. It's Carter's son of a bitch, I'm back. It's Carter's son of a bitch, I'm back. It's Carter's son of a bitch. Let me show you my builder, it's the Carter. I'll show you all the ins and outs, the ups and downs, you know what I'm talking about. This is my fourth solo album Baby I...

Songtext von Only The Family - Man Down
My little brother, he's a hothead, I had to hold him down. My mama don't want it in town, she told me, "let it out" shots, man down, I can't leave the crib without it, they don't play. I got nobody, nobody was near One wrong move and I'll shoot you to death Suspicious, suspicious, suspicious I'm never the victim of anything No murder...

Lil Durk feat. Yo Gotti - Money Walk Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
Lil Durk feat. I Gotti. Yeah come over to me gang nigga, l pour the drink. I just drink well while they roll...

"Fight That Switch (Walk)" [Lil Double 0:] Tenía quince años, me gané mis galones Eres el tipo de negro que ni siquiera tienes pipa Nigga adulto, trata de jugar con tu vida Él no es un hombre adulto , ese es Ein Baby, denke diese Scheiße wie einen Film, versuche, auf den Fahrrädern hochzufahren, wir nehmen Schwarzen das Leben (Helluva hat diesen Beat gemacht, Baby)

NLE Choppa - Murda Talk Lyrics and Translation of the Song.
Get out, boys on the block (Get up), niggas run like they seen the narcs (Brrt, yeah, ah, yeah) Hit him in the thigh (Boom), hit him in the back, drop him Oh, he is still alive ? Let me finish this, open her top (What) I don't fantasize about these bodies in my head (Huh, huh) and I can't stop (Huh, huh) Uh, nigga know I got a Glock, yeah (Huh, uh, hey)

Songtext von Lil Darkie - Walking Down the Street
Little man and I walk down the street Damn shit shit Okay shit It's time to go Lyrics to WALKING DOWN THE STREET by Lil Darkie. Enter the song title, artist or lyrics

Lil Wayne - Get Down lyrics and translation of the song.
Because that's the only way we can get down. I hit a brother. We are not cut from the same cloth. You fluffy. The bullets separate your body. Consisting of a buster. I'll find you when you hide put your whole cock on your wife you come home we are in the bedroom counting money i take her home and i fuck her like a thousand...

Down on niggas, shoot accurate, nigga Every time we hit goals, we never miss, nigga, release all the dudes that never been hidden on a mission, nigga, give an opp pics, no facetime, shooters get in straight lines go down er, precision, doesn't waste bullets or time

North Mississippi Allstars - Shake 'Em On Down Lyrics and Translation of the song.
Lord I'll shake her, I'll shake her down. I'm so tired of hiding, shake 'em off Shake her, shake her Shake her, shake her Bring your knees together, honey. Let your spine slide. But I'm telling you, put it away. Shake them like this. sir i have to stop

I put some ice on you because you have a cold heart. I know I gotta keep my... Lil Durk - "Lion Eyes". Drop the drugs, you think you macho, you're gonna slide tonight. I know you gon' do it, you I won't kill if somebody dies tonight, off these drugs with all my niggas, that's the vibe tonight when you...

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