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Lil Durk - Take Drugs Lyrics
When I ain't feeling the love (Take the drugs) I'll say it once, rest in peace Chinx Drugz I thought you were dying Throwing the drink I mean who did it I mean just blood I mean who OD drink that drink Me I served three months in the county jail my niggas no they get a federal bond other than a state one, swing

Lil Durk - Drug Party Lyrics
Lil Durk "Drug Party" Lyrics Chop Squad DJ on the beat So bang Let's get it, L You called (ha, ha) We can get Xan baby at my party We can drink skinny baby at my party (yeah) We can pour drinks baby with a little soaking all night we can do it till morning welcome to my drug party my drug party baby

Lil Durk - Headtaps Lyrics
(Kicking on the head) Have you ever been addicted? I told my mom I was gifted. brave for saying some shit i never did. For cheating you out of some money, make him the biggest bitch

Lil Durk - No Interviews Lyrics
I just got four drugs, tried to get my turn, I'll be out with the killers till the fucking sun comes up. You better have a lot of switches if you ever run away if you go out in these trenches, never put your gun down if you think I'm feeding you, you better put your money down. I went to court early from the Percocet, I had to open my eyes

Lil Durk - Home Body Lyrics
[Lil Durk:] Baby, when I step on you, put your back in it. you keep looking for it. Don't take the whole thing, she wants half Drug sex, drug sex, yeah yeah Rich sex rich sex yeah yeah I know you're ugly touching her body Send corrections

You touch one of my chains, niggas gonna put you down. Bulletproof Track Hawk savings style cost me 180-000 My main friend, he was talking behind my back but I was in such denial. it was the same with me on the test All these drugs I want medical So high I'm on cloud 9 I need a parachute

Lil Durk - What Happened To Virgil Lyrics
(feat. Gunna) Banger Oh yeah, I'm gonna bang it Last time you told me you were proud of me, you weren't proud of me, you was a nigga that doubted me, I was so mad at you, you like to come to killing you brother that shit was a tragedy

I didn't do drugs when I was little (get up) Percocet makes me sick to my stomach (I got it) I got two beams, now you little (little) You already know how I'm coming (yeah) I was withdrawn when I was little (gang) I never had money (guns) I was fucked when I was young (money) Now I have many hundreds (shooters)

[1. verse: Lil Durk] How many licks until you get to the center of her mouth? He mocks, stabs, we fuck, everything in the pot KOD, QOD, Magic, we fuck sacks in five Gas and mud, I don't have drugs, don't touch, I feel. a little confident. Now they call whatever bitch they want

Lil Mexico feat. Lil Durk - Can't Lose Lyrics
I would never leave you hanging like a drifter to meet them, I'll bring you home on the way, I'll do it to you no matter what the price, I'll pay and I'm on drugs, I'll tell the truth if you bro, just don't move and I know them so confused we we're really winning' and we can't lose the feeling like pill x i can't take it but i'm focused on hitting his og when…

Lil Durk - When I'm Lonely Lyrics
Just family that's my family I love my family I don't need housemates I do drugs when I'm lonely I drive guns when I'm lonely I sleep 'round killers when I'm lonely I spoil all my bitches when I'm lonely Send corrections Writer: Hagan Lange, Luke Clay , Durk Banks, Trenton Turner AZLyrics L Lil Durk Lyrics

Lil Durk - Motion Lyrics
Got my mouth cut with fifty thousand next time I gotta sneeze (Move, let the beat take me. I wanna go, let the streets take me) I put my pain in my music, they say I don't care. I take these drugs and abuse them. I feel like I'm going to lose them. They said, "We move like a mob," but I told them, "It's a movement."

Oh, I take a lot of these drugs, they make my day and I hope his lawyer wins this case. If I tell you that I love you, then I love you. If I call you my brother, then you are my brother. That was part of the fight, part of the fight with me And you were sad with me when it was bad Remember you gave me chicken I don't want Chinese

Lil Durk - Pissed Me Off Lyrics
If I die, just don't lie, man, you niggas better slide (You niggas better slide) If you can't get the main nigga, then you better get his kids (Grrrrah) I'm taking pills till I pass out, 'm 'bot to crash out (I sam 'bot to crash out) Mention brone in your live, now he can't laugh now (He can't laugh now)

Lil Durk - Lion Eyes Lyrics
Lil Durk "Lion Eyes" Lyrics You do drugs, you think you're macho, you're gonna slide tonight, I know you will, you ain't gonna kill if somebody dies tonight. If you want to claim what Bronem claims, you have to give it to them now if they catch the case, would you be right?

Lil Durk - Rockstar Lyrics
[Lil Durk:] Hands up, hands up, hands up Oh... rockstar Rockstar, the lifestyle might not bother Put prescription drugs on my tongue, I had to take them Keep my secrets deep inside, I had to face it I put my life on the line for you, that shit was crazy.

Future - AFFILIATED Lyrics
Lil Durk) Yeah (Yeah) I'm loading (loading) Yeah (Yeah) [Future:] Yeah, I've been counting money so long my hands hurt Yeah, a hundred bullets in the trunk, I can't even stand up. Yeah, I'll shoot more than one, I'll start hallucinating. Lots of diamonds on my arm, lookin' like a roller skater My hood's hotter than a sauna, nigga, caught

Lil Durk - When I Was Little Lyrics
I got too many hundreds (shooters) now if I didn't do drugs when I was young. Percocet makes me sick. I've got two beams, now you baby (let's go) You already know how I'm coming (let's go) Yeah, I can sweep you (turn them up) Put the books away, political (let's go) I can sweep you (sweep you) Bag on your head, release from that.

Lil Durk - Difference Is Lyrics
And she gets mad when I stop the drug because I don't finish fast enough, I'm on my stomach, calm cumin, I give her another liter. I was nothing, I was pleasing her, I was doing some movies. Don't let her see the other side, I'm with demons mmm, and that's the difference

[Lil Durk:] Shit, we take drugs in Iowa. Home, swashbuckler. When you're a gangster, don't give up the title. I know some people who are afraid of the Bible. Yeah, yeah, take the Glock and leave the rifle Seventeen by seventeen That's not it then, no, we're fighting [Tee Grizzley:] We can't come to our towns, they know what's going on with them

[Lil Durk:] Yeah bando (DJ Bandz, oh man) I ain't gonna lie, we in this bitch deep as hell Switches and Dracs Yeah man, I said that shit 'man, I ain't writein' it, ain't like that man, got 7 .62 in the face and can't fight that nigga talkin' about who they killin' here, psh, man, where's my pipe?

I put drugs in my system for the niggas I lost. I took the loss It cost that shit that made a young nigga the boss [Lil Durk:] I had to get out and dive. I had to get out of the jungle I put them drugs in my system It's crazy I trusted you You can't feel how I feel I'm numb. You can't live like I live

Lil Durk - Rumors Lyrics
He's not a killer, don't push me nigga. He's not a killer, don't push me nigga. I hear all these rumors. He's not a killer, don't push me nigga. These niggas ain't loyal, these niggas ain't for you. Spread rumours, niggas don't like you. These niggas act real, these niggas talk guns. Never let a MAC squeak, I know...

Kodak Black - Take You Back Lyrics
I'm gonna take you back baby cause you took me back before (Bae) Yeah you did me wrong but I did you wrong before (Yeah) I'm gonna take you back baby let's all go this time (Bae) If I'm taking you back I swear you better not play this time (Yeah, yeah) I'm taking you back 'cause you got me before (Oh)

Lil Durk - Hell In My Town Lyrics. Ain't no other niggas like my niggas, you know? (Raising hell ain't an option, it's in our brains) I'm a ride for my brothers, I'll die for ... Late at night, tryin' to hit something, play dice, sell drugs and stay in the dark nigga Call bro, bring the leek, thirty six Oh, then you know you can't park nigga...

Lil Durk - Habit Lyrics
Try this dog food, now it's a habit. I chased that kitty once, gotta have her. I continued to lie on my bitch, it's my habit. I'm constantly swallowing all that law, it's become a habit. I'm taking a Bentley Mac, I'm on the go. Shut your ass, it's your habit. Playing with children every day has become a habit for me.

Lil Durk - Just Flow Lyrics
Lil Durk. Last updated: April 3, 2018 No translations available + ...

Lil Durk - Just Flow Lyrics
My bitch is sexual. No, I can't save the hoe, bro, why should I save it? Drugs, I could take the whole traffic, I could take a pole No, drugs take no, Drugs take no. Bitch just play your part Nobody know Homie [?] If nobody's home I got a felony if his body's at home I got my gun with me I got no body [?] And I'm a hard body, even though my body is hard

Lil Durk - Pass The Water Lyrics
You're my doll, but I swore I hated you. Raw hoes, we give them facials. Those who ran will continue to run. We had a fight and I still come. I can feel all those tears flowing. Make me want to kill something, oh. Add water, roll. I take all these medicines as ibuprofen. I carry my gun because I can't catch him.

Only The Family - Back In The Day Στίχοι
[Lil Durk:] Used to hide drugs in the attic, play ball in cages in the alley Five deep a room a [?], growing up on the street challenge. Shout out to the fathers who won't leave, shout out to the mothers who won't leave I don't want her to do her hair I told her to eat her salad we were really in this mess get into it...

The feds are not taking over this case. The doormat I got raised his face. [2. verse: Hypno Carlito] The feds are not taking this case. I give them the project as a mixtape. Carlito I understood, I was honest. I accept work as weightlifting. 300 days and 300 nights. The feds want to talk, but I know my rights.

Lil Durk - Astronomy Song
Oh, we're going to change it up a bit Ay, we're talking high speed on this track, you know what I mean? Open, open. I can fuck any bitch I want because I'm sassy At this point, I want meds, they really know I need them.

Lil Baby feat. Lil Durk - Still Hood Lyrics
Lyrics to Still Hood by Lil Baby feat. Lil Durk. We arrived in London on the track. You acted as long as I felt a mess in my bones...

Doe Boy - Counterfeit Lyrics
[Lil Durk] Got Doe Boy in this bitch with me. This nigga got a fucking Glock-30 and a FN... And I'm on so much meds it's in my pores now. Talkin' gang, gotta change the score now We ain't with fake shit, we ain't with that shit, we ain't with that shit, we ain't with that fake shit Last nigga tryin' to fake it, he ain't…

Lil Durk - To Be Honest Lyrics
And to be honest. And I kept going, I kept trying. And to be honest. You know I keep going, I feel like I'm dying. I give you my heart, you only know my pain. Too deep in bonds when paying cash. This money counter has saved me many hands. If you cross me once, you won't get another chance.

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