8 Spiritual Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back (And How To Fix It) (2023)

This is a spiritual guidesigns that your ex is never coming back, and how to deal with it if you decide this is your case.

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First, I know it's hard to believe that the person you love with all your heart won't come back.

You want signs from the universe that he might come back.

You've tried manifesting rituals and listened to the advice of well-meaning friends, but it seems the more you try, the further away you get.

More than anything, you just want him back.

I'm so sorry if this sounds harsh, but there are some things in life that we can't control.

Hoping for something that might not happen is not good for us or for those around us.

sometimes -usually, actually — there issomeI hope your ex comes back.

But you can spin around looking for signs that he will come back while completely avoiding the sad reality that he hasn't.

And I don't want you to go that way!

So here are signs from the universe that your ex is never coming back and some help on what to do next.

1- Negative numbers of love angels

The first sign from the universe that your ex is unlikely to return is negative angel numbers.

If you're not sure what that means, it's time to find out!

In general, as with other methods of divination, there are really no positive or negative answers.

It all depends on the question being asked, the spiritual elements surrounding it and the intention.

However, when it comes to expressing love, there aregood angel numbers for lovethat you can expect to receive.

More specifically, they existAngel numbers that show your ex is coming back.

Angel numbers 2 and 6 and angel numbers that divide single digit numbers into 2 and 6 tend to lean more positively. Whereas numbers like 5 and 7 tend to be negative.

So if you get a 222 or 33 when showing your ex, that's probably a good sign.

But if you get a 5, 7 or even 212, you can take it as a sign that your ex won't be coming back so soon.

2- You have nightmares about them

Another spiritual sign that your relationship with your ex is probably going nowhere is if you have bad dreams.

Many times when youyou dream of your ex every night, the spiritual meaning can be good.

If you see good dreams, it can be a sign that your manifestation is working and yoursex returns.

Good dreams toosigns from the universe that you are meant to be together, that you are twin flames or soul mates.

But you can't ignore the nightmares!

If you have nightmares about you and your ex fighting frequently or losing them physically due to death or injury, this could be a spiritual sign that your relationship is permanently damaged or broken.

While it's not 100% certain (there could be other reasons for bad dreams, like watching a scary movie before bed), don't rule it out.

That could definitely be a sign.

3- See them with their new partner

A chance encounter with your special someone in public can be a spiritual sign that you are meant to be.

However, the universe will often allow you to meet them in public while they are with someone new, if you areit isit is written.

It's the same action, only with blockages or complications.

When they are available and open to you, you can see them in company and alone.

Even if you don't communicate with them, this action is open and free. In this case, they are not yet engaged to someone new.

But if you meet them several times and each time they are busy with someone new, especially if they seem happy, it is a sign from the universe that there is no room or open space to reconnect with you.

4- You know intuitively

Sometimes the universe sends spiritual signs directly through your intuition.

Through your spirit!

We spend so much time looking for external signs and signals, but sometimes not just youI knowin your gut what is the answer?

I know sometimes we want to avoid the truth because it can hurt.

We want to hold on to hope.

But if you feel like your ex is NEVER coming back, it's time to accept it and move on.

This might be the greatest spiritual sign of all!

The universe doesn't want us to waste our energy waiting for someone who will never come back. He wants us to live a happy life with love.

So take a deep breath. Put your hand on your heart.

And ask yourself for inner knowing.

Is your ex back together?

Record any feelings you experience, whether physical or emotional.

Your intuition is usually right.

You can bypass it all you want, but it will always be there.

Note that you can still get a positive response! The point of saying all this is not yesconvinceyou who know your ex won't come back.

It seeks to force you to at least ask yourself a question and allow intuitive messages or revelations to occur.

You might get an answer that sounds like "yes", and if so - bless you!

Be sure to keep an open mind and heart!

5- Tarot card

Further, even if you never intend to actually read tarot cards, I think everyone who is interested shouldLaw of Attractionand the event should have a tarot deck.

If you work with the energy of the universe, you already have one foot in the door!

You might as well commit!

All you have to do is grab your deck (I recommend the Rider-Waite deck, as it is rich in symbolism).

Ask the question out loud "will my ex come back?"

Draw a card and see how the picture makes you feel.

No products found.

You don't even have to look up the meaning of the card (unless you want to!)

The purpose is not to read the card. It's about letting any message flow through your intuition through the symbolism in the cards.

The universe will tell youexactlywhat you need to know through tarot, and you can learn it in a few minutes.

There are no right or wrong answers.

That's the beauty of using tarot as a divination tool!

What is the picture for?vas? How does it make you?contact?

Tarot is probably one of the best methods of checking your manifestations, but most people think they have to get someone else to do it for them.

Don't do that!

It's perfectly fine to draw cards for yourself just to stay in tune with what the universe is trying to tell you!

Buy the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck find the answer yourself.

6- Things break

An obvious spiritual sign that your ex isn't coming back is when items associated with him begin to break, fall, or tear.

If your ex gave you a pot that you keep on the windowsill and that pot accidentally falls and breaks. This is a 100% spiritual sign that the relationship is broken and damaged.

Or, if you have a picture of them or the two of you together and it accidentally falls off the wall or table. This is another sign.

A sign that you're meant to be is if you swear you gave them all their stuff back and then randomly find something of theirs where it wasn't before.

Well, if the same thing happens, but you find something of theirs that's torn, stained, broken or damaged - that probably means you're not meant to and they probably won't return.

7- They dedicate themselves to others

Another spiritual message about your ex who is unlikely to come back to you is if they are spiritually engaged or soulfully connected to someone else.

Sometimes you already know that. It's like you kissed them when they were fresh out of a relationship with someone else. Especially if they were dumped before they got to you and you're in a rebound relationship.

If you two break up and you know they still have a strong connection with someone else, you can feel it. This is a spiritual sign that he is unlikely to return. And if they do come back, it won't be the relationship you want.

Another spiritual sign is if it is a child.

If your ex left the relationship and has since fathered a child with someone new, this could be a spiritual sign that there is a connection elsewhere.

So yes, this is a real-world complication, obviously.

But on a spiritual level, a new life is a new relationship. And if that connection isn't with you, you can't ignore it.

He does not knowconstantlymeans your ex won't come back. But most of the time it is.

8- They have a history of relationship jumping

Last but not least, if your ex hasa story of deceptionjumping from relationship to relationship is a sign of spiritual immaturity.

They have to do more to get to your level.

That doesn't mean they're bad, but if they're your soul mate, they haven't yet learned the lessons they need to get to where they need to commit to.

If he was with someone else, then broke it off to come to you, then broke it off to be with someone new, he is currently a "wandering ghost".

You can expect to grow more spiritually.

If you think this is your soulmate, wait and see.

But for now this wandering ghost will continue to wander and you will be wasting your time if you don't move on with your life. At least for now.

Final thoughts

I know it can be hard to accept if you decide your ex isn't coming back. But sometimes you just have to accept what the Universe is telling you!

In some cases, you can turn things around.

You should use your intuition to determine whether you should wait them out or move on.

Be sure to take your time and make the best decisions for yourself.

Good luck! 🤞🏽

With love, light and above all magic,


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