8 (reliable) signs that he will never come back to you (2023)

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How do you know if the break is permanent?

What are the signs that your ex will never come back?

What are the signs that you will never come back?

8 (reliable) signs that he will never come back to you (1)

If you just broke up with your girlfriend (or wife) and you still love her, it's natural to wonder if this breakup is permanent or not.

Is there any chance of my ex coming back? Or is it gone forever?

That is what we will see in this article…with8 (reliable) signs that a woman probably won't come back.

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Let's begin.


  • 8 Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back
  • Is it really gone forever?
  • Frequently asked questions
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8 Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back

Let's look at the signs that your ex-girlfriend probably won't come back.

1. She is now in a relationship with a man she is in love with

Your ex-girlfriend is having an affair with a man in love.

She moved on with the guy she stayed with.

In this case it will be difficult to return it.

She is attached to that man and may already have obligations to him (mortgage, children,...) that make it even less likely that she will break up with him.

2. You are no longer attracted to him

Her sexual attraction to you has disappeared.


He doesn't seem to have any desire for you anymore.

For a long time now.

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8 (reliable) signs that he will never come back to you (2)

It's been a while since he looked at you like he used to when he had feelings for you.

Her smile is no longer the smile of an enchanted woman, but the mechanical smile of an indifferent woman.

He doesn't care about you like he used to.

You took the back seat.

This can be due to mistakes and errors that you have made. Or the over-familiarity you've allowed to creep into your relationship.

This brings us to sign number 3…

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3. He only sees you as a friend

He says he only sees you as a good friend, not as a sexual and romantic partner.

He may even see you as a "great" or "perfect" man, but not as a lover or friend.

You could even be "like a brother" to her.

This sign is a consequence of the previous sign: a significant decrease in sexual attraction, resulting in only emotional attachment between you, like two friends. Which is not enough for a stable romantic relationship between a man and a woman.

4. She is persistent in her decision

When she broke up with you, you didn't feel any hesitation in her.

She was dry, cold and closed to any conversation.

You felt there was no ambiguity on her part.

Not like an ex who is still in love and unsure of her decision to break up, so she doubts, hesitates and starts crying when you question her decision.

If your ex is adamant about breaking up, it means she is confident in her move and therefore unlikely to return (at least for now).

This sounds like a well thought out decision rather than a sharp break.

5. She has lost interest in you

Your ex-girlfriend has lost interest in you.

She doesn't send you messages anymore, she only replies briefly (and late) when you send her a message, she stopped being curious about you, she doesn't flirt and play with you anymore, she doesn't ask your friends about you... .

In short, he (really) doesn't care about you anymore.

For her, it's as if you don't exist anymore.

It's definitely progressed.

6. He hates you deeply

Your ex harbors a disgusting hatred for you.

A deep hatred, far stronger than any feelings of love he may have for you.

This hatred may be the result of serious mistakes on your part, repeated fights, or simply incompatibility that has caused your relationship to rot over time.

She deeply hates you for who you are or what you have done to her and wants to keep as much distance between you and her as possible.

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7. He has an overinflated ego

Her selfishness is stronger than any feelings she may have for you.

You hurt her ego and she hasn't forgiven you.

Maybe you deceived her, insulted her, humiliated her...

So he ended the relationship because he thought you crossed the line.

Although she regrets it and deep down wants to return, her pride prevents her from taking that step.

8. He never loved you

Your ex may never have loved you.

Maybe she was only with you for sex,feeling no special attachment to you.

Maybe she was still in love with her ex-boyfriend, whom she was trying to forget with a booty call or a return guy (you).

Or maybe he just wanted to have fun, without the noise.

In short, you were never attracted to him, let alone in love.

In that case, he has no reason to come back (except maybe to use you again, but is that really what you want?).

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8 (reliable) signs that he will never come back to you (3)

So much for 8 Signs Your Ex Won't Come Back.

If you notice one or more of these signs, the chances of your ex coming back are slim.

At least as things standnow.

Which brings us to the fatal question...:

Is it really gone forever?

Your relationship with this woman just ended...

Have you noticed one or more of the above signs...

So you might have concluded that this woman was lost forever.

The good thing about this is that by giving up hope of winning her back, you will stop being attached to this woman... and therefore be able to move on sooner...

This will free you from her pressure on you and... increase your chances of winning her back (more on that below).

But one thing should be understood here…

Is thisthe signs above just tell you that this woman is not coming backin the near future, as things stand.

These signs are not enough to say with certainty that the break is final.

Because you could reshape the image your ex gave you.

And the context that made it difficult to get an ex back can also change.

For example, your ex may break up with a new boyfriend.

She may also realize a few weeks after breaking up with you that she was more attached to you than she thought.

He may also feel the need to win you back when he sees other women hitting on you.

8 (reliable) signs that he will never come back to you (4)

A woman's desire for a man is not destroyed and can change very quickly.

And as for the wounds you may have inflicted on her (in the general sense, not necessarily in the physical sense of the term) that would prevent her from returning to you because of her pride, they can be healed in time.
Even faster if he realizes that you have changed and evolved in the right direction.

The above signs mostly indicate that your ex is not coming back in the near future as things stand.

But what later?
Nothing is less certain.

If you considered this woman the woman of your life, the situation might not be as hopeless as it seems right now.

If he wins her backnowseems difficult (or impossible), wait and see how things turn out.

In a few weeks, the situation could be completely different.

8 (reliable) signs that he will never come back to you (5)

Also, don't get attached to this woman either, even if you consider her the love of your life.

The longer you hold it, the harder it will be to get it back.

Get as far away from her as possible.

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Frequently asked questions

Now let's answer some questions that my readers often ask about this topic.

➡️ What should I do if my ex doesn't come back?

When the woman doesn't come back,the mistake here would be to start hunting her.

If your ex isn't showing signs of interest (like reaching out, asking about you and your love life...), she's probably not interested enough to want to come back.

Maybe she doesn't have a desire for you anymore, maybe lately she felt suffocated by your presence and attention...

So if you go back to her now, you'll only make her want to leave even more.

8 (reliable) signs that he will never come back to you (6)If you want to get her back, it's better to do the opposite: don't try to get her back, just ignore her.

Rebuild your life by working on your projects and meeting other women.

Noticing that you've moved on, your ex will feel like she may have lost you forever.

At this point, he is likely to experience some fear of loss, which in turn will intensify the possible emotional deprivation due to your absence.

And if she sees you (or suspects you are hanging out) with other women, you will look much more desirable to her (when a woman sees that other women want you, you are automatically attracted to her).

8 (reliable) signs that he will never come back to you (7)This is how the ex-girlfriend you thought was lost forever can come back to you.

Sometimes quickly (it can be a few days after the breakup), sometimes less (weeks or months).

But as you understood, for this to happen you must not hunt her. Because if you start chasing her, she won't feel any urge to win you back.

Sowhen your ex doesn't come back after she leaves you, don't fall into the trap of clinging to her.

If you're reading this post right now, it's probably because you're still very attached to this girl. And so they haven't moved on yet.

So stop clinging.
Tell yourself it's over.
And go on with your life.

It's best tomove on.

Ironically, this is what will allow you (if you still want to) to start a new relationship with her in the future.

➡️ What are the signs that my ex will never talk to me again?

You can't say for sure if your ex will never talk to you again.

There are only signs that he will not comein the near future.

Having said that,The more of these signs you notice, the more likely they will stop talking to you.

It's here:

  1. She is now in a relationship with a man she is in love with
  2. You are no longer attracted to him
  3. He only sees you as a friend
  4. She is wavering in her decision
  5. She lost interest in you
  6. He hates you deeply
  7. He has an inflated ego
  8. He never loved you

➡️ What are the signs that it has not progressed?

There are various signs that indicate that a woman is regretting the breakup.

Of these signs, her obvious mental state is the most telling:

Does he look happy? Does it look glamorous?

Or does he look unhappy, bordering on depression?

If she's unhappy, it's probably because of a breakup.

Especially if this depression occurs after seeing you in the presence of other women (either in real life or in photos posted on social networks), or after learning that you have a new girlfriend.

8 (reliable) signs that he will never come back to you (8)

Another sign that your ex is probably regretting the breakup is the attention she gives you.

Is he sending you a message out of the blue?

Is he trying to flirt with you again?

Is she interested in your love life?

If so, it could be a sign that she misses you and wants to win you back.

She is trying to establish a relationship with you or subtly show that she is ready for a new relationship with you.

There are also more obvious signs, such as explicit statements: eg.she tells you that she misses you, that she was happy with you, that she is not feeling well since the breakup, and so on.

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stay steadfast
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