15 Sure Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back (2023)

15 Sure Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back (1)

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Ignoring or losing interest in a partner is nothing new. Sometimes this is a passing phase and things settle down. However, sometimes a breakup is more damaging and permanent. Do you know if these are signs that your ex doesn't want you back?

Letting go of someone you were close to is not easy. A lot of self-doubt andoverthinking tends to dragu. How will you know if your intuition is correct? Are you reading the real signs that your ex is never coming back?

Let's look at some signs that you will never see again.

How long should I wait for my ex to come back?

It is certainly a difficult topic. You have your own life. Once you see the signs that they will never come back, you should focus on getting your life back.You must not get stuck in a begging, laughing mindset.

So how long does it take to get an ex back? See how long you can wait:

15 Sure Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back (2)

Are all the exes finally coming back?

It's not unheard of for people to get back together after being apart for a reasonable amount of time. In fact, it happens quite often. Researchit showed that 40-50% of people go back to their exes. Most of the time, this is because neither of them can fully shake off their past.

Should you get back with your ex?

Your ex is an ex for a reason.

In fact, there could be many reasons behind your breakup. Sometimes the causes are not very serious, we simply do not see the exact aspects. You may consider another opportunity. However, it is wise not to have too high expectations about itthe quality of the relationship.

However, for more serious reasons, you should seriously consider it. Check out the signs that your ex is never coming back, which may include another love. Think about the reasons why you broke up in the first place. Was there any abuse? For such cases, you should close the past and move on.

This brings us to the question - why do exes never come back? One would think that there was enough bad blood to leave to begin with. It seems that in most cases when exes get back together, there are specific reasons for it.

  • Familiarity

Being together for a long time brings you closer to your partner. It can be to the point that, despite many things you don't like about them, you still feel that your ex was better in some way.

  • Perspective

Looking back from a distance gives a better perspective. Minor irritants ultimately seem "minor" and not a big problem in different ways.

  • Regret

The separation may make his own role in the deterioration of the relationship even more objective. This regret can lead to a change in mindset and lead to a more mature approach the second time around.

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15 Sure Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back

15 Sure Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back (3)

You might want your ex back, but that may or may not be possible. Check out these sure signs that your ex is never coming back:

1. Your ex is avoiding you

One of the surest signs that your ex is never coming back is avoidance. After you move out, it is possible that one of the partners will want to come to you. Do you feel that your ex is coming up with flimsy excuses to avoid meeting or contacting you? This could definitely mean that he is done with your ex.

2. When your ex returns your things

Among the telltale signs that he will never return, or he, for that matter, is when things return. What do we mean by this? When two people are in a relationship, there must be a lot in common.

It's not just about feelings and spaces. It's also about stuff. From clothes to dishes, from blankets to furniture, people share things. If you find that after you've moved out, your ex is trying to return things that belong to you, take it as a clear sign.

3. Your ex told you to move on

Did your ex tell you to move on with so many words? This definitely shows that your ex does not want to get back together. It also means that your ex has already moved on in his mind. It's time to heed the sign.

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4. Your ex blocked you

Closing the communication window is one of the main signs that your ex is never coming back. Have you tried reaching out via phone, mail or social media and hit a wall? Get advice right there.

5. It's a gut feeling

Most of the time, this is not a sign that you will know if your ex wants you back. You will feel it in your gut.Trust this feeling! Unless you're an over-the-top person, the feeling is raw and true.

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6. Your ex refuses to meet

Have you sent your ex inquiries about a reconciliation meeting? In vain? Did you get to the point where you landed at their place and they almost showed you the door? Take it from those who know - it's over.

7. you are "friendzone"

One of the scariest words in a relationship is "friend." If you suddenly see the vibes change and your ex considers you as nothing more than a friend, that's a sign. They're done with you.

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8. Your ex is seeing someone else

15 Sure Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back (4)

One of the main signs that your ex is never coming back is usually a different person. When you find out your ex is with someone else, it's usually time to leave them. The question "will my ex come back after dating someone else" is unrealistic.

9. The vibes are gone

Do you remember when you were at the height of your relationship? Do you feel that he is completely missing from your interactions? This is probably one of the surest signs that your ex is never coming back.

10. You are restricted from seeing your children

Couples with children struggle when the equations change irreversibly. Did your ex go so far as to place a restraining order against the children? This is definitely a sign that your ex is a historical figure.

11. No attempt to change

Conflicts are part of every relationship. When one or both partners are unwilling to meet in the middle, understand the signs that your ex is never coming back. This attitude shows a lack of interest in moving the relationship forward, and that's not a good place to be.

12. Your ex is insulting you and your family

Mutual respect is important for any relationship. If you find that your ex is insulting you and your family, this is one of the signs that your ex will never come back. It's a low point in your equation, so you know the signs well.

13. Your relationship was toxic

Parting can be bitterwhen relationships become toxic. Was there any abuse? When one or both of you are in this type of relationship, it makes sense to walk away and get out of the relationship.

14. You were ugly

When you ask yourself, "Will I ever hear from my ex again," ask yourself why he might not. It is possible that you were so ugly that your partner sought you out. If this is indeed the case, you know deep down that your ex is not coming back.

15. There are no common themes

Are you finding it difficult to find common ground in conversations lately? In fact, you both avoid spending time together, something you used to love. Look no further! Your ex has definitely moved on.

What do you do when you know your ex isn't coming back?

15 Sure Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back (5)

Here are the steps to take when you know your ex isn't coming back:

  • Accept that my ex will never come back

You may have tried to reach out and failed. Or you find the crack too sharp to try to bridge. In short, you know it's over. Whoever was guilty must accept the reality.

  • Allow yourself to grieve

Troubleit is a big part of the treatment. It is well known that mourning gives us a way to cope with loss. It's not just the mind that's affected when an ex moves away forever. The toll on the body is real. Treat yourself to that luxury.

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  • Continue from this space

Surely you don't need constant reminders of your past? Give yourself consistent rest. Physically distance yourself from public areas. Maybe to another place or to a friend's place for a while. The distance will give you a much needed break to heal and move on.


It is important to understand that your ex is never coming back. Trying to maintain such relationships will only cause additional stress. You have to give yourself space to move on and hold on to your life.


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